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VICU is a singer, songwriter and producer from Rockville, MD. VICU has worked for the past few years on creating his new 2018 EP #Vicunomics. VICU created an original sound by producing and recording the entire project completely at his home studio with co-writer Reggie Honore and co-producer Matt Veirs.

While the songs of #Vicunomics solely feature VICU's voice, his collaborators on other projects include Tyler Ward, Nyke Ness, Cerebral, Samantha Gunney, Kenny Wesley, IhsAn Bilal, Collin Brooks, Riley Biederer, Trevis Romell, Chris Collins, Kyle Thompson, Matthew Shell, Jeyhan Turker, DJ Flexx, Vahagn Stepanyan, Lazzo, Nicolas Laget, Gabby Pisani, Gabby Nguyen, David Joubert, and Conrad Osipowicz, among others.