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"Vicu showed up early and mingled with the guests. Vicu was dressed like he walked in from the Voice-- very impressive. .Most of the audience were in their young- mid 20's and enjoyed socializing with Vicu before he played. Vicu took requests from the audience and many of the female audience members wanted to know where he was playing in the area so they could come to his next gig" 


--Jeremy Levine Private Party (20 guests) 2019 

"The event was a fashion show in front of about 600 guests.Vicu's job was to play on stage while the Male and Female models walked the catwalk.  Vicu did an excellent job playing to the audience as well as to the models during their walks. Vicu arrived early and was dressed extremely well. Audience loved him and his music."


--Reggie Honore-- Georgetown Univ. 2018

"Vicu is fabulous! I honestly can’t figure out which family member is most excited about the whole thing!" 
--Tobi Printz-Platnick

"We freakin absolutely dig Vicu. He's played 2 parties at our house and my biggest concern is that soon I won't be able to afford him. made the party. everyone loves him. just great."


--Dave and Terri-- Potomac, Maryland 2019